About the Victoria

The popular Victoria is built from an inexpensive kit, although the builder is free to configure the rig with components from specialist suppliers. Many owners look for advantages within the one-design class rules, but it is the skipper's skill that makes the most difference. 


Compared to the EC-12, the Vic has similar adjustments but is smaller, simpler and easier to manage. It can be carried fully rigged in a small car. The responsive Victoria is a good trainer and the ABS plastic hull can handle the knocks. The Vic enjoys good competition at all levels.  


If you don't want to build, used boats are often available, or you can order a custom Victoria from one of several builders.  The Victoria is 32" long and weighs 4.5 pounds. The mast is 43" high and draft is 8".  


The Victoria class website and resource center provides detailed information with a step-by-step building guide.

Club Racing schedule and registration is on the Racing Pages