The DragonFlite 95 by Joysway delivers a "Race Ready" experience. 

The DragonFlite 95 has been developed with the latest radio sailing design concepts, construction, and components for a first class radio sailing experience, right out of the box!

The DragonFlite 95 uses cutting edge components not found in other manufactured RC Yacht models including: 

  • Carbon fiber keel fin, advanced design keel bulb 
  • Shroud less, keel step, one piece carbon mast 
  • Mylar Sails                                                      

The DragonFlite 95 is a yacht designed to be a convenient size, on and off the water. It’s light weight and long, narrow hull give it the kind of light wind performance most other radio yachts can only dream of. The downside of this lightweight design approach would normally be an inability to perform in strong winds, we have countered this by designing low aspect, lightweight rigs with careful sail plan development to ensure perfect handling balance. Even when the boat is overpowered it still remains easily controllable to windward and always has astonishing speed downwind with almost no tendency to ‘nosedive’.






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