About the Star 45

The Star 45 is a 45" long semi-scale model of the Olympic Star. Weighing between 12 and 13 pounds, carrying about 1000 square inches of sail on a 70’ mast, with a ballast-to-weight ratio approaching 70%, the fin-keeled Star 45 is fast and responsive, with the ability to turn in a little   more than a boat length.  


  Owners have the option of scratch building a boat from wood or fiberglass using plans available from AMYA; purchasing laser-cut frames based on those plans; buying a short kit of major components from class-approved suppliers; or buying a complete finished boat.  Depending on the approach chosen, a boat can be completed, ready to race, from between $500 to $2000.  We can help you get a boat, new or used.


  The Star 45 is a one-design class, with some latitude for shapes and location of the underwater forms, rig construction and sails. Multiple rigs are not necessary given the high ballast-to-weight ratio, adjustability and stable hull form.  The fun factor in building and sailing a Star 45 is high and, like the full sized boat, they were made to race. You are invited to join in. 


Star 45 Class information: http://www.star45class.com/index.html


AMYA Star 45 Class page: http://theamya.org/boats/star45/



Star 45 Club Racing Results and Registration is on our Racing pages