About the EC-12

In 1962-63, Charles Morgan designed a 12-Meter yacht as a potential America’s Cup defender. The boat was never built, but the tank test model eventually became the form for the EC-12. Fiberglass hulls are made from identical molds and must be purchased from an approved builder.


The EC-12 is one of the largest and best-organized classes recognized by AMYA. Within specified dimensions, it is a sophisticated yacht that rewards a builder’s creativity. Most are built from a bare hull by owners, but complete boats can be commissioned. The class attracts experienced skippers and offers plenty of top-shelf competition.


The EC-12 is 59” long, weighs about 25 pounds and has a 71” mast; draft is about 8”.

EC-12 building website, including tips, racing articles and other reading: www.ec12.info

EC-12 Class Association website with resources and forum: www.ec12.org


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